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Finished my instrumental EP

2013-03-09 12:25:11 by BlackMist75

I've been working on this since January and it's finally done. how-of-the-night

I finally found my outlet: Music production. I've been playing piano for a few years and got a MIDI keyboard for Christmas. I got Fruity Loops and I make some music now. The genres I prefer are alternative rap, neo-Jazz, funk, rock, drum solos, and jazz.

Halo 4

2012-06-06 15:04:14 by BlackMist75

I'm pretty pumped for this game ;D
I think the new enemy in this game will be the Foreunner, because they made the Halo rings and the Arc :DD
They also used a lot of technology and in the gameplay the enemy aren't organic according to cortana

Have some gameplay

Halo 4

Happy Pico Day!

2012-04-28 06:34:02 by BlackMist75


Time for NATA

2012-04-16 07:04:12 by BlackMist75

Theme is time travel for the open rounds. I got a good idea down, now i'll start animating tonite! :]

Here's a forum post about it

Broken, now it's back

2012-04-04 14:21:26 by BlackMist75

My Bamboo Capture tablet broke last month. :^(

I just got a new tablet though \m/

Come at me NATA

How was your weekend?

2012-04-02 06:34:35 by BlackMist75

How was it? Comment telling me :)

Video Sneak Peek of new game

2012-03-27 19:01:34 by BlackMist75

We changed the name and restarted the engine completely for copyright reasons. The game is now title 'Final Defender' and has a storyline. The game now features Story Mode, Arcade mode, and Defend the Planets mode. We also added a shop to Story Mode where you can buy things using 'Space Tokens' acquired from combat. Here is a video of the movement engine

Or watch it here

Skarvion is the programmer :)


Video Sneak Peek of new game

Track Season starts today.

2012-03-19 06:22:20 by BlackMist75

Nothing I love more than running a 100m dash against guys that are 7 ft tall. Wish me luck at try-outs :O

Track Season starts today.

Game and Movie Updates

2012-03-10 10:37:30 by BlackMist75

Asteroids: Onslaught will be out as soon as we finish some things like: Defend the Planets mode and some other pretty things. I'm currently working on an animation about a true story, it's a comedy about me....
I also just finished a Flash with Amaranthus
Go watch it.
skarvion is the programmer of Asteroids..
We're also writing and designing a really awesome RPG that's going to begin development probably this summer...
We're looking for digital anime artists to apply for an important role as well, if you're interested PM me

I also have another screen shot of what Asteroids: Onslaught looks like :O

Edit, here's a better picture

Game and Movie Updates